Loofah - Dried - All Natural!


Who knew that bunnies and guinea pigs LOVE to chew on loofah biscuits, and that they are Mother Nature's answer to dental floss for the little critters!

Loofah's are a product of the tropical and subtropical cucumber family, and when harvested at a young stage, look like this ...


But as they mature and ripen and dry out on the vines, the flesh disappears leaving only the fibrous skeleton which we know as a "Loofah".

Loofah's also provides a totally different and interesting chew texture for the bunnies and guinea pigs and we have them available in 7/8" Loofah "discs".

Satisfy your little critter's urge to chew and chomp and floss their teeth and buy them their very own Loofah today!

Available in packages of 6 x 7/8" Discs ...


*** Guinea Pig Approved ***

*** Bunny Approved ***

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