Appetite Stimulant Blend - All Natural!


Sometimes our Little Critters just don't feel like eating due to stress or illness, and we need to find an All Natural and healthy way to get them eating once again so we have developed a special "Appetite Stimulant Blend" for your piggies, bunnies, hamsters, chinchillas and tortoises to give them a little help in feeling better and g et them eating once again and to provide them with an incredible variety of yummy tastes and textures to nibble on!

Our Appetite Stimulant Blend is a healthy, All Natural, tasty blend of:

Chamomile - 20g

Hibiscus Petals - 20g

Marigold (Calendula) Flowers & Petals - 20g

Plantain - 20g

Dandelion Leaf - 20g

Its the perfect, All Natural, healthy way to get them eating once again with a variety of wonderful tastes and textures to entice their appetite and health back again!

Available in 100g packages ...

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