Kumfy Tailz, How it Works & Sizing Guide

The Concept

Kumfy Tailz utilize proven gel pack technology to assist dogs in maintaining a healthy body temperature regardless of their age, breed, injury, cardiovascular issue, or even just adverse weather conditions. Our products have been veterinarian designed to work in conjunction with a canine's natural physiology by applying the therapeutic powers of warming and cooling to its core, where not only are the skin and fur are the thinnest, but also where the majority of the major organs and vasculature are located.

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The Kumfy Pax is a puncture-resistant nylon/pvc enclosure filled with a homeopathic, non-toxic UltraGel, which can be either warmed in your microwave, or cooled in your freezer. After a quick spell in the freezer or less than a minute in the microwave, the Kumfy Pax is inserted into the special Kumfy Pouch, where it helps to keep your dog warm or cool for up to an hour.

Unique Kumfy Tailz Features
Kumfy Tailz is a revolutionary new way to improve your dog’s comfort and health in BOTH hot and cold weather...

The Kumfy Pouch is made of special plasticized material designed to prevent condensation from reaching your dog.

NEW! KumfyTailz now includes a high-tech thermal lining which significantly increases the outdoor warming/cooling time for your dog.

And Kumfy Tailz is also a high-quality dog harness you can use year-round, with or without the Kumfy Pax.

Kumfy Tailz has been designed with input from licensed veterinarians and thoughtful dog owners all over the US.

NEW! Kumfy Tailz now has an adjustable collar/neck-strap to better fit all breeds of dogs, especially those with thicker/shorter necks.

Double-buckle design on the belly strap makes KumfyTailz super easy to put on and take off your dog. Especially important for older dogs or those with hip or joint problems.

Leash attachment on the bottom of the back strap distributes your dog’s leash-tugs evenly across the shoulders, reducing the possibility of choking. Especially valuable in dogs prone to breathing problems.