Kumfy Tailz, Warming-Cooling Mesh Harness


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Warming & Cooling Mesh Harness

It Cools in Summer and it Warms in Winter!

Canine Physiology and Design 

The Kumfy Pax pouch covers the dog's chest and abdominal area or the "core." The core is where most of the dog's vasculature and major organs are. It is also where they have the least amount of fur. By addressing the core, the heart is better able to pump blood to the extremities (paws and ears) helping to regulate the dog's body temperature, which should ideally be between 101°-103° F

Kumfy Tailz reduces the risk of hypo- and hyperthermia, which is particularly helpful to dogs with cardiac conditions.  

Keep your dog comfortable and safe in any weather! Walk, exercise, or play longer than ever before, in the cold or heat.

Each Warming-Cooling mesh harness includes one Kumfy Pax. Additional Kumfy Pax can be added to your order.


Gel Pack are Non-Toxic ultra -gel enclosed in a high performance fabric.

For detailed information on how the Kumfy Tailz Warming-Cooling mesh harness works and sizing information please click here  


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