Fabulous prices on the Kumfy Heating/Cooling Vests and Kumfy Coats! January 20, 2016 09:30

January and February blowout specials on the Kumfy Coats and Kumfy Heating and Cooling vests!

The Kumfy Vests start at USD $14.95 (which includes 1 gel pak) and the Kumfy Coats start at USD $25.95 (which also includes 1 gel pak). Plus shipping in all cases ...

Additional gel paks can be purchased to make sure you always have some on hand to keep your special animal as warm / cool as necessary!

"Muddy" the Mini modelling his new Kumfy Vest! January 01, 2016 10:56

And not to be outdone, "Muddy" the mini horse loves his Kumfy Tailz vest SO much on this hot and humid day too!


Stay tuned for pictures of Pixie the pig modeling her Kumfy Tailz vest as well!